Friday,09 December 2022 (+06:00)
 No 10 Squadron Commanders' Course (SCC) will be commenced on 01 January 2023 at CSTI BAF.   No 122 JCSC will be commenced on 05 February 2023 at CSTI BAF.  


Air Force Command and Staff Training Institute (CSTI) has recently established a research centre on the issues related to air and space power in the ‘Airspace Research Centre and Library’. Training curriculums of both JCSC and SCC offer student officers to choose and select subjects on matters related to core issues of small air forces. The establishment of ARC fulfils two key priorities: to lead the identification and analysis of emerging issues and to address international security of Bangladesh and its partners. While doing that, student officers go through all the process of a research work and learn the nitty-gritty of a research paper. All these service or research papers are scrutinised by the faculty members and good papers are uploaded in the CSTI portal. Often, CSTI is being tasked by Air HQ to undertake research work on contemporary problems and issues. The ARC of CSTI has become a good platform to carry out research works. Its research mission is further accomplished by conducting conferences, seminars and workshops with affiliated partners such as Centre for Leadership and Behavioural Studies (C-LABS) of Indian Air Force (IAF).