Tuesday,05 July 2022 (+06:00)
 • Organisation and Administration-1 (Ph-06, Part-I) EPE of ISSP-15 will be held at 1430 hrs on 31 Jul 22. • Organisation and Administration-2(Ph-14, Part-II) EPE of ISSP-13 & 15 will be held at 1430 hrs on 01 Aug 22. • Effective English Writing (Ph-01, Part-I) EPE of ISSP-16 will be held at 1430 hrs on 01 Aug 22. •Precis, TAE questions and Covering page are aval in indl Student Offr account.  


BAF established Junior Command and Staff School (JCSS) in 1976 to conduct essential career courses of future leaders with highest professionalism to serve the nation. The aim of this school is to impart high standard training to Bangladesh Armed Forces and overseas officers for smooth discharge of command and staff assignments with better inter-service coordination abilities. Since inception, JCSS started conducting Junior Command and Staff Course (JCSC) for mid-level officers. After the emergence of a full-fledged Air Force Command and Staff Training Institute (CSTI) in 1983, JCSS became important part of the training institute and all curriculums of JCSC was brought under its umbrella. The school is headed by a Chief Instructor (CI) and good numbers of faculty staffs. Since 2021, all curriculums of JCSC have been integrated through the indigenous software ‘Horizon’. Roles of JCSS are:

a. To impart training to the officers and prepare them to perform effective Command and Staff duties at various levels in Air Force and allied formations.

b. To prepare selected officers for Staff College Courses.