Monday,20 September 2021 (+06:00)
 Commencement of No 117 JCSC : 25 July 2021 to 28 October 2021  

Message From Officer Commanding

This year, Bangladesh Air Force (BAF) celebrates 50 years as an independent air force since its birth during the Liberation War of Bangladesh. We take great pride in our legacy built by those who came before us and in carrying out that legacy into the future. Air Force Command and Staff Training Institute (CSTI), established after five years of our existence, also celebrates its glorious history in educating and training all officers of BAF; the core professional groups of warfighting excellence and uncommon valour. From the beginning, CSTI is trying to ensure that we become proficient in the knowledge of our duties and develop ourselves as future leaders of BAF. Within few years, CSTI could become the apex training Institute of BAF to prepare future leaders with enhanced command and staff capabilities. The leadership development programme in CSTI rests on the twin prongs of competence and character. We try to embrace our core values of knowledge, experience and commitment. Behaving with integrity, accountability, initiative and toughness, we commit to improve the characters of junior and mid-level officers. For leadership and ethics, the Institute helps the BAF to strengthen the ability of its leaders to always behave consistently with our core values, throughout their careers. These leaders have trust and confidence in each other and are operationally minded, critical thinkers, proficient in joint matters, and skilled in air power and joint warfighting concepts prepared to meet the operational level of war which challenges today and tomorrow.

To accomplish this, the Institute has a world class faculty and staff to conduct different academic and training curriculums throughout the year. It has been a year of challenge- but we have overcome these challenges through modernisation and digitalisation. Presently, the institute is efficient to conduct tactical level of war education, leadership and professional ethics education and training through both in-house and distant learning training curriculums. Besides, the institute has enhanced its research, analysis and wargaming facilities to support the requirements of BAF, the Combatant Commanders and other directorates and bases of BAF. The Campus, hallway, syndicate room and the entrance to the institute have been given a major face-lift recently, keeping in-tune with the ambience as an institution of excellence and erudition. We have also made a difference in understanding and developing expertise required for military officers.

Much have been done in the last decade and still more needs to be done in the years to come. As the BAF is going to celebrate the Golden Jubilee – may the Almighty be our inspiration and strength.