Tuesday,05 July 2022 (+06:00)
 • Organisation and Administration-1 (Ph-06, Part-I) EPE of ISSP-15 will be held at 1430 hrs on 31 Jul 22. • Organisation and Administration-2(Ph-14, Part-II) EPE of ISSP-13 & 15 will be held at 1430 hrs on 01 Aug 22. • Effective English Writing (Ph-01, Part-I) EPE of ISSP-16 will be held at 1430 hrs on 01 Aug 22. •Precis, TAE questions and Covering page are aval in indl Student Offr account.  

Dinning-in-Night Ceremony : 120 JCSC

No 120 JCSC course has commenced at CSTI, BAF on 05 Jun 2022 with 25 student officers (22 officers from BAF,01 officer from Sri Lankan Air Force, 01 officer from Korean Army, 01 officer from Sudan Air Force). As a part of the course curriculum, the Dining in night of the said course took place at BAF Falcon Hall, Dhaka on 14 Jun 2022. Officer commanding CSTI along with other faculty members also joined the program.