Saturday,19 June 2021 (+06:00)
 No 117 JCSC will be commenced on 25 July 2021 at CSTI BAF.   • National Affairs (Ph-05, Part-I) EPE of ISSP-13 will be held at 1430 hrs on 27 Jun 21. • International Affairs (Ph-13, Part-II) EPE of ISSP-13 will be held at 1430 hrs on 28 Jun 21. • All Student Offr of ISSP-13 (Part-I&II) will complete their Mock Test by 26 Jun 21. •Precis, TAE questions and Covering page are aval in indl Student Offr account.  

Joint Air Warfare Course (JAWC)

Air Force Command and Staff Training Institute (CSTI) has planned to conduct Joint Air Warfare Course (JAWC) for the military officers of the armed forces at home and abroad. This course is a study of the air component of joint warfare in the modern age. Students will address the air component's strengths and weaknesses in working in interagency and inter-service environments as seen through analysis of several modern military operations. The course will apply important historical perspective to case studies for analysis of the difficulties and successes of command and control (C2) of air power in joint operations, doctrinal issues of air power in joint operations, the decision-making apportionment of air assets to Air-Land operations (CAS & BAI), Maritime Air Operations (MAO), Air Interdiction and strategic strikes and the move to effects-based thought as the measurement of air power in joint air operations. Particular attention will be paid to efforts to overcome problems in C2 created by Service-specific air power doctrine and practices.