Saturday,19 June 2021 (+06:00)
 No 117 JCSC will be commenced on 25 July 2021 at CSTI BAF.   • National Affairs (Ph-05, Part-I) EPE of ISSP-13 will be held at 1430 hrs on 27 Jun 21. • International Affairs (Ph-13, Part-II) EPE of ISSP-13 will be held at 1430 hrs on 28 Jun 21. • All Student Offr of ISSP-13 (Part-I&II) will complete their Mock Test by 26 Jun 21. •Precis, TAE questions and Covering page are aval in indl Student Offr account.  

Professional Military Education (PME) Programme

The institute has the proposal to introduce professional military education (PME) programmes supporting BAF’s Professional Military Education Continuum. These PME programmes will be designed to meet the professional standards required in administrative and operational fields. Interested officers and Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO) of Bangladesh Armed Forces will be able to access to their required field of PME programme through the CSTI web portal. Options for undertaking any PME programme by international military officers will also be made available after the completion of registration. The education should foster an active and growing community linked by PME including leadership with professional ethics that furthers global international security.