Wednesday,31 May 2023 (+06:00)
 International Affairs (Ph-13, Part-II) EPE of ISSP-17 will be held at 1430 hrs on 11 Jun 23 and National Affairs (Ph-5, Part-I) EPE of ISSP-17 will be held at 1430 hrs on 12 Jun 23. •All Student Offr will complete their Mock Test of Ph-13, ISSP-17 (Part-II) by 11 Jun 23 before 1000 hrs and Ph-5, ISSP-17 (Part-I) by 12 Jun 23 before 1000 hrs, Precis, TAE questions and Covering page are aval in indl Student Offr account.   No 123 JCSC will be commenced on 28 May 2023 at CSTI BAF. Mentionable that, the said course will be conducted in BAF Base Cox's Bazar due to relocation of CSTI BAF.  

Individual Staff Studies Programme (ISSP)


CSTI was one of the pioneer Institutes of BAF to educate young officers on the relevant professional and academic subjects through a correspondence course. Individual Staff School Course (ISSC) was initially introduced in 1980 to inculcate a habit of regular studies among the newly commissioned officers from early stage of their career. The objective is to enhance academic knowledge of junior officers through distant education system. Over the period of time, the course curriculums of ISSC have been modified and renamed as Individual Staff Studies Programme (ISSP) in 2014. The ISSP is conducted in two parts to qualify officers for the promotion to the temporary rank of Flight Lieutenant (Part-I) and Squadron Leader (Part-II). Each part comprising 08 phases are conducted through a year-long Tutor-assessed Exercise (TAE) followed by End of Phase Examination (EPE). After introduction of indigenous software ‘Horizon’, CSTI has modernized the distant education system of ISSP through web-based instruction (WBI) programme in Jun 2017. Accordingly, first online conduct of ISSP started on 28 July 2018 through ‘Horizon’ software. The paperless conduct of online ISSP examinations is now saving about Taka 10,00,000.00 (ten lac) per year. ISSP Part-I and Part-II examinations are now conducted online simultaneously in all BAF Bases and Stations including United Nations (UN) missions in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Central African Republic (CAR).