Tuesday,09 August 2022 (+06:00)

Junior Command and Staff Course (JCSC)


CSTI is the apex training institute of BAF to conduct essential career courses like JCSC. This institute is tasked to prepare mid-level officers of armed forces with highest professionalism to serve the nation . Accordingly, JCSC has been introduced to train mid-level officers of all branches for performing effective command and staff duties at various levels in BAF and other allied formations. The course is focused on the Administrative, Operational, Management and Leadership aspects of BAF. Officers who have completed ISSP are eligible to undergo JCSC. The course is designed for 13 weeks and has six modules (Air Power, Staff Duties, Administrative, Maintenance, Reinforcement and Military Operation Other Than War). Besides, the course focuses to enhance Leadership and Behavioral qualities of mid-level officers. CSTI conducts 03 courses per year and participants are officers from BAF, Bangladesh Army (BA), Bangladesh Navy (BN) and overseas countries (India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey, Jordan, Sudan and United States of America). All participants are trained theoretically and practically to work within service, inter-service and joint service environments. Different assignments, assessment and some lectures are conducted online using the indigenous software ‘Horizon’. More than 100 courses have been conducted so far and more than 1,500 officers have successfully graduated from this prestigious institute.